Restaurants Across Lebanon Are Defying The Eid Lockdown Citing Economic Crisis


To continue controlling the spread of the virus, Lebanon has announced a lockdown over the Eid al-Fitr holiday along with a 24-hour curfew.

However, the economic conditions have pushed restaurants across Lebanon to completely disregard the lockdown in hopes to make some profit during the long weekend holiday.

Restaurants and coffee shops, meant to open only for 24-hour delivery, opened their doors to customers in defiance of the lockdown.

Restaurants in different cities such as Batroun and Tripoli were fully booked.

A day earlier, on Friday, restaurant owners in Antelias announced that they would not close, “no matter what the circumstances are, just like restaurants across Lebanon, which are still operating despite the closing decision.”

Notably, the government has allowed restaurants to open until 12:30 AM starting today, May 15th.