10 Restaurants In Lebanon With Lent-Friendly Menus

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Lent is here and whether you’re fasting or just feel like having something without meat for a healthy change, here are some restaurants in Lebanon that are currently offering Lent-friendly menus.

#1 Roaster Diner

From vegan tacos to vegan burgers, Roadster Diner has got you covered with their exciting Lent specials.

#2 Sandwich W Noss

Sandwich W Noss’s loaded sandwiches will fuel you up through the fasting season with their one-of-a-kind falafel burger, or tuna sandwich, or a good old French fries sandwich, and more.

#3 Kronfaly

Offering a twist on Lebanese street food, Kronfaly’s Lent menu consists of a fish “tawouk”, a cauliflower sub (pictures above), a unique potato burger, and a fries sandwich.

#4 Zaatar w Zeit

One can’t expect but the tastiest Lent menu from Zaatar w Zeit. The restaurant already had Lent-friendly options and is currently offering combos starting from 28,000 LBP.

#5 El-Estez Snack

Not sure what to get for lunch? Why not try a “bizri” (whitebait) fish sandwich, or you can’t go wrong with a loaded fries sandwich.

#6 Le Violet Catering

Steering away from the fast-food type meals, Le Violet is preparing plenty of homemade Lent-friendly dishes.

#7 Malak Al Tawouk

Everyone’s go-to tawouk house is offering items for Lent too!

#8 Crepaway

Crepaway has got you covered with vegetarian items on its menu, including an additional 3 meals pictured above: a quinoa-kale burger, a flavorful cauliflower sandwich, and an all-new Caesar salad with a twist.

#9 Souk Sixteen

With 8 items on its Lent menu, Souk Sixteen is offering a new hearty take on traditional “kaak” that will leave you hungry for more.

#10 Roll N’ Eat

This bakery’s 10 Lent options are great for when you just don’t know what to eat but want something quick and simple.

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10 Restaurants In Lebanon With Lent-Friendly Menus

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