14 Restaurants In Lebanon Offering Ramadan Iftar Specials

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Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims around the world get together to fast, pray, and reflect with their communities.

This year comes with a special gift for both Lebanese Christians and Muslims since both are now fasting at the same time, in a rare instance.

And since the Lent season and Ramadan have already started, many restaurants in Lebanon are preparing to welcome people, offering delicious and filling options and offers to break the fast.

Here is a list of restaurants in Lebanon offering Ramadan Iftars to try with your loved ones this month!

#1 Burger King

Like every other year, Burger king in Lebanon is offering a delicious and filling menu this Ramadan, available through dine-in, drive-thru, and delivery.

#2 Dominos Pizza

After long hours of fasting, all you need to break the fast is a special and delicious pizza to satisfy your hunger. So, if pizza is your favorite meal, try Dominos Pizza this month.

#3 Zaatar W Zeit

For a nice and delicious Ramadan Iftar, try Zaatar W Zeit’s offer through dine-in, delivery, and takeaway.

The restaurant is offering two options, either an Iftar Meal for 2 or 3 people, consisting of
Lentil Soup, Fattoush, Chicken Escalope, taouk wraps, and more!

#4 Roadster Diner

Roadster Diner is offering a delicious and fulfilling Ramadan Iftar menu to fill the craving after a long day of fasting, including veggie soups, sandwiches or burgers, tasty appetizers, and more.

#5 Ahwak Cafe – Broummana

Ahwak Cafe is offering a traditional Ramadan Iftar with soups, tabbouleh or fattoush, a main dish (kafta platter, chicken shawarma, Taouk platter, and more), along with hummus and fries, and dessert.

This offer is only available for delivery, so contact Ahwak Cafe on 01 200 553 for more info.

#6 kababji

During Iftar time, you can enjoy Kababji’s Ramadan special menu of mouth-watering mixed grill platter, served with lentil soup, side fattoush, hummus, and fries.

As well as Jallab and dates. This offer is available through takeaway, dine-in, and delivery.

#7 Mr. Brown – Various branches

Mr. Brown can be found in Adonis, Ashrafieh, Byblos, and Hamra where an appetizing “Ramadan Essentials” Iftar menu is served and can be also delivered.

#8 BBQ House – Jnah Branch

BBQ House is also offering a traditional and rich Iftar set menu that you can enjoy with your family or friends. The set menu of starters, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts could probably sustain you till Souhour time. Booking is required. RSVP: 01 822 558.

#9 Chili’s Beirut

Chili’s is offering 4 bundles, each more delicious than the other, with burgers or sandwiches, appetizers, and tempting desserts.

Chili’s Ramadan offer is available through delivery on 01 334 900.

#10 Sandwich W Noss

From 3 pm until 7:30 pm, Sandwich W Noss is serving a nice budget-friendly Iftar meal, including Rice’N Chicken Marinara Bowl, fattoush salad, lentil soup, and even a nice little date dessert.

#11 Hot Chicks – Beirut

Hot Chicks’ delicious Iftar specials can be ordered via Toters or Gozilla apps to have them delivered right to your door.

#12 Deek Duke

For dine-in and delivery, Deek Duke is offering an Iftar combo to break the fast, with veggie soups, fattoush, two sandwiches of your choice, a chocolate brownie, and soft drinks.

#13 ObI Urban Sushi – Various locations

Lovers of Sushi can break their fast with the special offer of ObI Urban Sushi available in its various branches across Lebanon. The menu consists of 30 sushi pieces, crispy crab salad, crab corn soup, and a soft drink.

#14 Beit Nazha – Jbeil

Beit Nazha is an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Byblos Old Souk and its Iftar menu is as traditional as consistent, with two options great for a nice get-together.

The options consist of salads and soups, cold and hot mezze, mixed grill platters, beverages, and even desserts of the day.