Here Are The Election Results Of The Lebanese Parliament National Defense, Interior & Municipalities Committee


The Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, opened the evening session on Tuesday for the election of the remaining parliamentary committees.

The election for the National Defense, Interior, and Municipalities Committee resulted in 5 MPs of Amal & Hezbollah, constituting the majority, 3 FPM, 2 Future Movement, 1 Lebanese Forces (LF), 1 PSP, 2 Independent MPs, 2 March 8, and 1 Kataeb Party.

Here are the newly elected members:

Ahmad el-KheirFuture Movement
Assaad Dergham Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Samy GemayelKataeb Party
Alain Aoun Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Jean TalouzianIndependent
Abdel Karim KabbaraFuture Movement
Ali OsseiranAmal & Hezbollah
Ali Ammar Amal & Hezbollah
Raed Beru Amal & Hezbollah
Qassem HashemAmal & Hezbollah
Mohammad KhawajaAmal & Hezbollah
Hassan MradMarch 8
Wael Bou Faour Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)
Michel el MurrIndependent
Fadi KaramLebanese Forces (LF)
Jihad el-SamadMarch 8
Mohammad Yehya Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)

Here are the results of the election of the other committees voted today, with 4 remaining committees that will be voted “another day”, according to Parliament Speaker Berri: