Retired Colonel Who Worked At Beirut Port Was Just Found Killed

AP Photo | AFP

A retired customs colonel Mounir Abou Rjeily was found dead in his home in the Byblos District town of Qartaba with blows to the head from a blunt/sharp object, reported NNA on Wednesday.

According to Voice of Lebanon (VDL), Abou Rjeily decided to go to his mountain home alone. His wife grew worried when it became late and he hadn’t answered her calls. She went up to the house to check on him and that’s when she found him dead.

The same source revealed that he was formerly stationed at the Beirut Port, which was recently destroyed in a massive explosion caused by the detonations of nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate.

Investigations have been launched into Abou Rjeily’s death, which appears to be a murder.

While this mysterious death holds resemblances to the death of customs officer Colonel Joseph Skaf (whose family believes was murdered), it is not yet clear if there is any relation to Abou Rjeily’s death and the explosion of the port, which has been under investigations.

It is however certain that his death, which is evidently unnatural, is deemed very suspicious at this time when investigations are ongoing for the truth of the Beirut port explosion and all that is related to the stored ammonium nitrate that caused it.

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