Retired Lebanese Officers Announce ‘Loyalty To The Nation’ Gathering

Retired Lebanese Officers Announce 'Loyalty To The Nation' Gathering

Retired officers from various security and military branches in Lebanon have launched what they named the “Loyalty to the Nation” gathering.

The formation of the gathering was announced during an event in Antelias, Mount Lebanon.

In the founding document, titled “Sovereignty of a Nation, Dignity of a Citizen,” the retired officers pledged to work alongside all residents and Lebanese expatriates, “to restore the sovereignty and prestige of the state and the dignity of the citizen.”

They also vowed to work on holding those responsible for Lebanon’s collapse accountable and establishing a modern civil state, “a state of law and institutions where citizens are equal in rights and duties,” using “all legitimate and available peaceful and democratic means.”

The document, read out by Col. Nassif Obeid after a minute of silence for the victims of the Beirut Port Explosion, affirms that the performance of Lebanese politicians has “distorted Lebanon’s civilized face.”

It points out that the ruling class “took [Lebanon] away from the components of the parliamentary system, replaced democratic values with political inheritance and the sharing of the state, and allowed the establishment of illegal armed entities involved in regional and international conflicts, which consequently exposed Lebanon and the Lebanese to an existential danger.”

Its Goals

The main objectives of the gathering, as per the document, are:

  • Resorting to the constitution and seeking to develop the existing political system through some constitutional amendments
  • Safeguarding national interests, developing a defensive strategy, limiting arms and the decision of war and peace to the hands of the state and military forces, and eliminating the phenomenon of uncontrolled arms
  • Consolidating the independence of the judiciary in order to achieve justice, and punishing all those responsible for the collapse of state institutions, especially those involved in the August 4 explosion
  • Consolidating Lebanon’s role as a founding member of the United Nations and the Arab League and its commitment to their charters and decisions
  • Developing and activating the state’s administration, especially the supervisory administrations
  • Amending constitutional and legal texts in a way that lifts immunities and banking secrecy for everyone who deals in public affairs
  • Consolidating the spirit of national belonging and concepts of true citizenship
  • Launching a workshop to modernize laws and reforms of all kinds
  • Inviting the people to be a partner in keeping the flame of October 17 burning to restore state sovereignty

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