Breaking: Revolution Statues & Phoenix Were Just Destroyed In Martyrs’ Square

طلعت ريحتكم l uldy.orgofficial

After the dollar exchange rate reached 3800 LBP on Thursday, April 23rd, the people, angry and frustrated, decided to take on the street to protests against the government and Governor Riyad Salameh.

To add to the people’s anger, revolutionaries discovered that the Statues of the revolutionary women and Phoenix were destroyed. The events of yesterday’s legislative session were fuel to fire.

Revolutionaries took to El-Nour Square in Tripoli, blocked the Dbayeh highway, and protests are being held at the moment in front of the Central bank in Hamra.

People are confronting curfew and coronavirus to protest against hunger and oppressive banking and economic measures that are sinking the nation into an abyss.

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