Here’s How the Revolutionaries Celebrated New Year’s Eve in Lebanon

People in Lebanon decided to welcome 2020 in revolutionaries squares, specifically Martyrs’ Square in Beirut and El Nour Square in Tripoli. And as expected, it was crowded, beautiful, and completely rad.

Here’s how the revolutionaries in Lebanon celebrated the occasion:

#1 They celebrated together

The squares were beyond crowded. Everyone was eager to revolt and peacefully on New Year’s eve, to listen to music and to be in the spot that welcomed their anger and their hopes for more than two months.

People from all over Lebanon, from all religions, sects, and ages came to receive the new Lebanon together.

#2 There were sky lanterns

Of course, these had the Lebanese flag imprinted on them. This has become almost a tradition in the revolutionary squares in Lebanon during special occasions. But on that night, this little action had the biggest meaning.

It symbolized their intention of letting go of the old Lebanon of corruption and injustice; I mean, that’s why they chose to celebrate in the squares in the first place.

#3 Awesome lighting

Any great party will have beautiful lighting, and this one was no different. They even lit up the Phoenix that revolutionary artist made of broken tent metals, and it has been sitting there, in the Martyrs Square, for quite a while now. They really thought of everything!  

#4 They threw the sickest party

The party’s program was the biggest temptation to attend. They had DJs, singers, dabke, revolutionary songs, stuntmen, and you name it. Everything that makes a party awesome and big, this one had it. No wonder so many people were present.

#5 Confetti!

As the clock struck midnight, the festivity went fun-tastic with the sky above their heads sparkling with millions of colorful confetti showering over them from a crane; the same crane that lifted people up on independence day. It was more festive than any other New Year’s party.  

#6 And of course, fireworks

The magical night was completed with colorful fireworks lighting the sky of Lebanon.

It was probably at that moment when people got to forget all their endless effort, and all the beating and injustice they witnessed and endured on protest grounds, and even before the revolution. It was at that time where they realized that it was all worth it.

#7 A huge bonfire

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They had to keep themselves and each other warm, and they knew exactly how. The revolutionaries set up a big bonfire in the middle of the square to fight off the cold of winter.

If there’s anything you need to know about Lebanese people, is that they’ll find a way, they always do. Cold and rain sure won’t make them go home.

#8 Unique and diverse shows

As it was previously said, shows were unique and stuntmen took over, amazing everyone with their ability to blow and play with fire. It gave the party a little diversity and put an edge on it. 

#9 People of all ages were present

Everyone was tirelessly partying, whether they are a toddler, a teenager, an adult or a senior. They all went down to the square with patriotism, hope and a whole lot of joy.

The young ones were introduced to the beauty of a united celebration, while the older ones got to experience real freedom, and perhaps for the first time ever. 

#10 Tripoli rocked it, as usual

It wasn’t just in downtown Beirut, but Tripoli also had its similar celebration, and it was just as crowded and passionate. The famous El Nour Square, which is home to Tripoli’s revolutionaries since day one, was also a place of saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming the new year and the new Lebanon. 

#11 It was revolutionary indeed

In Beirut, the organizers made thousands of miniatures of the fist of the revolution and distributed them to the attendees. It was a reminder that this was not only any New Year’s Eve party, but it was Lebanon’s New Year’s revolution! As usual, the Lebanese flag was the main thing in sight. 

#12 Santa was there!

People came all dressed up, some in their festive New Year’s outfits, others, like the guy in the picture, came dressed up as Santa. Well, it is the holidays after all. I bet the kids had a great time seeing that Santa was also there. 

#13 People were thrilled

People were partying like crazy. It was obvious the amount of fun they were having, and their feeling changed as the people on the stage took turns.

Some of them made the people hyped and happy, while others made them feel nostalgic. But one thing is for sure, people were having a great time.

#14 Too thrilled

And this picture is an additional proof. Seriously, I’ve never seen people being so excited about a new year like that before, or maybe they were just happy that 2019 was over and their hopes for 2020 so big. Anyways, I hope 2020 meets all the revolutionaries’ hopes and dreams.

#15 And they were here to party!

They all came prepared, and they were planning on having fun. They sure deserve to, after having worked hard these past two months trying to make a better country for themselves and their families and friends.

It was a great night to unwind while still being aware of their original and most important goal: revolting to bring down a corrupt system.

#16 This was a result of hard work

This great night didn’t just happen. It is the result of continuous and dedicated efforts made by the people and the Ana Khat Ahmar (I’m the red ligne) movement. Martyrs’ Square has really become the place where people are pouring their creative energy.

#17 Just so much joy and hope

Everyone was just happy, and they were just having the time of their lives. If I was to give a theme for Lebanon’s New Year’s revolution, I would say it’s HOPE.

Now, people are going about their lives as revolutionaries: protesting and marching and being on the streets; their only hope is that, by next year, they will be celebrating their success in having built the new Lebanon.

This has made one thing the most obvious for the year of 2020: Lebanese people will not back down! This is just the beginning, the journey is long and hard but the main thing is that people are motivated and insisting on not giving up.

Those people are just too beautiful, and Lebanon will be better because of them.

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