A Big Donation Just Saved Rafic Hariri Hospital

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Like every other sector in Lebanon and the daily life and activities of the citizens, hospitals have been suffering the consequences of the lack of fuel in the country.

In hospitals, one of the most important sectors in the world, especially in the time of a pandemic, the lack of fuel is not just unacceptable but dangerous.

Among these hospitals suffering from a shortage of fuel is Lebanon’s main medical facility that has been at the forefront of the pandemic: Rafic Hariri University Hospital.

According to its manager and CEO, Firass Abiad, the hospital has been relying on the support of the community to keep going and stay prepared in its fight against the pandemic.

Consciously aware of the critical need of the hospital for support, LIQUIGAS just donated to RHUH 30,000 liters of fuel.

The hospital CEO tweeted on Tuesday: “30,000 liters of fuel delivered to RHUH, a generous donation by LIQUIGAS. The support of our community has been overwhelming and is our main motivator. As the number of new Covid19 cases in Lebanon continues to rise, it is vital that we maintain full preparedness.”

However, this is not the only problem Lebanese hospitals are enduring. Many have also been lacking oxygen machines.

A couple of days ago, a toddler passed away in the Bekaa due to the lack of oxygen in several hospitals. The kid died in her mother’s arms as her parents were looking for a hospital that had oxygen machines.

It is a very sad situation that hospitals are struggling with the lack of critical fuel, a lethal price the Lebanese are paying, while Lebanon’s needed fuel is being (not so secretly) smuggled to Syria.

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