Riad Salameh’s Brother Was Just Arrested For Alleged Illicit Enrichment

Raja Salameh | Banque du Liban

On Thursday, the Attorney General in Mount Lebanon Judge Ghada Aoun arrested Riad Salameh’s brother – Raja Salameh – after questioning him for hours.

Reportedly, Judge Aoun charged Raja Salameh with Illicit enrichment and alleged embezzling involvement with his brother, Riad Salameh.

The Attorney General in Mount Lebanon detained the 61-year-old businessman at the Baabda courthouse.

Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, has faced other many investigations in “financial misconduct” namely in Lebanon, Lichtenstein, FranceLuxemburg, and Switzerland.

In January, the Attorney General in Mount Lebanon issued a memorandum requesting a travel ban against him across all air, land, and sea crossing.

This travel ban came after the recent investigation and important data in the complaint filed by the lawyers of “People’s Group Want To Reform The System” for “crime and embezzlement and money laundering.”

It was followed by an order to freeze some assets of his, including properties and cars.

Ghada Aoun continues her judicial campaign against the banks, with several radical decisions taken this week alone against several banks and their chiefs.

The Association of Banks in Lebanon has warned of the effect of these judicial decisions in toppling the banking sector and announced a 2-day strike after Fransabank had to close all its branches.

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