Lebanese Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh Discredited By Auditing Firm

Ever since the Lebanese economic crisis kicked in, Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh has been in the middle of the spotlight.

Many accusations of corruption and money laundering have been aimed at Salameh, which reached far beyond Lebanon.

To counter these accusations, Salameh repeatedly pointed at an “audit” conducted by BDO, Semaan, Gholam & Co.

According to Salameh, this “audit” proved his innocence of any corruption charges aimed against him.

Recently, however, Reuters said that it saw a copy of the audit document and it contradicted Salameh’s claims.

In the audit document, BDO, Semaan, Gholam & Co noted that its financial assessment of Salameh’s accounts “does not constitute an audit” by international accounting standards.

It added that its findings “do not express an opinion or assurance” regarding Salameh’s accounts since they were based on data provided by the governor himself.