Riad Salame Submitted A Request For A State Dispute Against The Appeal Public Prosecutor In Beirut

LBCI channel reported that the Central Bank (BDL) Governor Riad Salameh submitted a request to respond to the Appeal Public Prosecutor in Beirut, Ziad Abu Haidar.

Abou Haidar was referred to the Salameh file by the discriminatory Public Prosecution. According to the submitted request, Salameh’s lawyers claim that Abou Haidar lacks the competence to decide on this file.

The lack of competence means that any future action will contradict his verdicts and the basic principles of Judicial work.

Salameh has been out of sight for a while now. Judge Ghada Aoun had raided his house multiple types but he wasn’t reportedly there.

Many accused Salameh of being the reason for the ongoing economic crisis that kicked off Lebanon almost 3 years ago.

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