2 Of The Richest Dentists In The World Are Lebanese

It’s become somewhat common to hear of Lebanese individuals reaching worldwide fame and success.

Designers, doctors, engineers, artists (etc.) – we all know Lebanese names that make a difference in each domain.

As we learned after reading an article entitled Top 10 Richest Dentists in the World, two out of these ten professionals are Lebanese.

Dr. Richard Malouf comes in second place and Dr. David Al Ameel comes in third.

Who are these doctors and how did they become what they are?

Dr. Richard Malouf

Dr. Malouf is Lebanese-American, founder and owner of All Smiles Dental Clinics all across the USA. Aside from being a dentist, Dr. Malouf is a very successful entrepreneur. He is responsible for giving the cool factor to dentistry.

He owns two private jets, a million-dollar estate, expensive cars, and much more. His net worth is approximately $1 Billion.

Dr. David Alameel

This Centennial Award winner and once democratic senatorial candidate of 2014 is one of the most innovative dentists in the world. He went to America when he was just twenty years old, leaving behind his large family, hoping to achieve the American dream.

Dr. Alameel founded a network of dental clinics that grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. His net worth is approximately $900 million.