Rihanna Just Asked Her 100 Million Followers To Donate To Help Lebanon

Reuters | @ahmad_tahan

World-famous singer and musician Rihanna posted a message of support to Lebanon after the explosion that took place last week.

On Instagram and Twitter, Rihanna highlighted the shocking truths about the aftermath of the blast along with a beautiful picture of the Lebanese flag.

“Beirut has recently experienced a very devastating explosion that has left many people dead, injured, displaced from homes,” she wrote.

The explosion left “families sleeping in the streets with their children and hospitals overcrowded due to the influx of injured patients seeking immediate medical attention, paired with the damage many of the hospital buildings have endured!”

She urged people to donate and assist in the emergency response to Beirut. “Please feel free to donate to any of these organizations: Preemptive Love, Impact Lebanon, Sadalsuud Foundation, and Save The Children.”

Like her, many celebrities shone the light on the Beirut explosion and its many disasters. Their simple posts can go a long way in getting donations to the people of Lebanon. Rihanna has 98 million followers on Twitter alone.

Other celebrities and prominent figures like Amal and Geroge Clooney, Bella Hadid, and The Weeknd donated generous sums, and Rima Fakih and Sal are fundraising within their network.

All of them are donating to International and Lebanese charities working to help Beirut residents on the ground, such as the Lebanese Red Cross.

Lebanon is getting remarkable support from around the globe. It’s a heartwarming reminder that we are not alone in this.

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