Riot Police Officer Just Got Killed At Beirut Protests

Reuters | STR Credit: AFP

The internal security forces (ISF) have been trying to contain the furious protest today in Martyrs’ Square, where the scene of strength and unity turned into complete chaos.

The air is full of tear gas and shot are fired at the protesters, who have flocked to Martyrs Square only to express rage towards the government, which they’re holding responsible for the massive explosion that shook and destroyed the city.

In the chaos of it all, one riot police officer died.

“An ISF member was martyred in the process of maintaining security and order while assisting detainees inside Le Gray Hotel when he was attacked by a number of riotous killers, which led to his downfall and his death,” stated the Lebanese Internal Security Forces on Twitter.

However, there is a conflict of truths surrounding his death, and details of his death are still vague. Now, protesters are demanding an independent autopsy to get to the bottom of this.

According to a protester who contacted activist @Polleksandra, the police officer’s parents were participating in the protest.

Unfortunately, like many security forces members who are as affected by the crises and the aftermath of the explosion, the fallen soldier Toufic Doueihi was in the tough position of doing his job in the face of the revolution of the people.

Another victim of the government…