Road Transportation Unions In Lebanon Declared A Coming Strike


Head of federations and unions of the road transport sector in Lebanon, Bassam Tlais, declares a strike to be held on Thursday, June 23rd.

The strike comes as another petition from the workers towards the government to do its job in maintaining a dignifying life for the people.

Tlais explained in a statement that this decision is due to the intense deterioration of the Lebanese Lira to the USD exchange rate.

Which, for one, reflects on the prices of commodities and the state of life for the workers.

This is in addition to the increase in fuel prices and fuel distribution companies withholding their distribution because of the instability of the market. Hence hindering the workers’ jobs.

Another issue that has arisen from the situation is related to the maintenance of the vehicles and their repair in case of accidents or damage. Doing either of those things in the current situation is extremely expensive and troublesome.

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Road Transportation Unions In Lebanon Declared A Coming Strike

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