Roads Were Just Blocked In Beirut To Protest Dire Conditions


On Monday, following the protests in Tripoli earlier that day, many roads in Beirut were blocked with burning tires and trash containers by protesters contesting their deteriorating conditions during this economic crisis.

This was seen in Verdun, Hamra, and Qasqas.

Lebanon has been witnessing a series of protests these past few weeks.

Following the warnings of a water shortage in Beirut due to high fuel prices and poor water infrastructure, a sit-in was organized by the residents in front of the Beirut Water Establishment in Talet el Khayat calling for an investigation into the water crisis.

On June 27, parents of students at the Greek Orthodox Girls’ School in Al-Zahria, in Tripoli, protested the dollarization of their children’s tuition fees which the school has implemented despite the Education Ministry’s decision of non-implementation.

On that day, the Public Administration Employees Association announced the renewal of their open strike till their demands for improving their living conditions were met.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, Lebanon has been facing unprecedented challenges from shortages to spikes in the price of food, fuel, and medication, and it doesn’t seem like they are going to be solved any time soon.

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