People Are Blocking Roads Across Lebanon In Protest Of Fuel Price Increase


People have flocked to the streets across the country, blocking the roads in protest of the new increased fuel prices on Wednesday.

They have closed off the roads in Saifi, Karantina, Dora, the highway to Ashrafieh known as ‘ the ring,’ as well as roads in Tripoli.

A video posted on social media shows a blocked road in Tripoli with men standing around.

One man, dressed in a black top, is taking a selfie video, saying “A tank of fuel is 312,000 LL, come down for your livelihood at least.”

The man is asking for ration cards, noting that both Syrians and Palestinians have them and they have yet to be distributed to the Lebanese.

The registration for rations cards was supposed to start on September 15th but has yet to be launched.

Ration cards would have been available for the poorest families and those in need, as a way to offset the government lifting the subsidies, which is allowing prices to sore above their means.

There are also sit-ins ongoings in some main squares in the country, including Tripoli’s Nour Square and in Akkar where the people are saying that they won’t leave the streets this time.

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