You Can Rob A Lebanese Embassy In This Heist Game


You’re a notorious lockpick who just lockpicked his way out of his prison cell. Where do you go next? According to Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, you break into the nearest Lebanese Embassy.

Warning: Early-game spoilers ahead.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a popular PC stealth/action heist game that features a team of criminals with various specialties. The game’s storyline, which is set in Monaco, is simple: After escaping prison, the criminals want to escape Monaco.

One of the first things that the Locksmith, Lookout, Mole, Pickpocket, and the Cleaner do after escaping is hunt for passports. Monaco is a small city-state, which, as the Mole who specializes in digging tunnels points out, has only 3 embassies.

Monaco What's Yours Is Mine Lebanese Embassy

One of them is the Lebanese Embassy and, as it happens, it’s “the least secure,” according to the Mole, who proceeds to comfort his team with the fact that he has robbed this embassy before.

So, playing as one of the scoundrels, you infiltrate the embassy, hack into the computers to bypass the security system, sneak past the inattentive guards, and finally find yourself in the Lebanese Ambassador’s Office.

Passports in hand, you sneak back outside to the getaway car, and off you go to plan the next moves.

The team locates a yacht that one of them owned before serving prison time and they board it to sail to Beirut, “which is beautiful this time of year.”

Beirut in Monaco What's Yours Is Mine

Lo and behold, the yacht explodes, and the criminals frantically abandon ship; it was booby-trapped.

It turns out from a mysterious phone call they receive that they’re up against not only law enforcement forces but other international criminal groups based in Beirut and other countries as well.

Their malicious adventure begins just when they thought it had neared its end, and they realize they’ll have to recruit some old friends to help them through the chaos.

After robbing the Lebanese Embassy in Monaco

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a fun game with an interesting plot, of which Lebanon is a notable part. It’s simple yet innovative gameplay mechanics that make for a unique gaming experience.