Lebanese Students Are Creating a Robotic To Help Patients

Photo Credit: Lebanese University

The biggest challenge that the world is facing while fighting this pandemic is the high risk of the medical staff getting infected, due to them attending to affected patients around the clock.

Five Lebanese University (L.U) students from the Faculty of Science along with their supervising professors came up with a Robotic Design that could ease it on both patients and medical staff.

This project, which is supervised by L.U. Professors Bassem Haydar and Saba Haydar, is undertaken by the students Hassan Badran, Majd Dheini, Hadi Zein El-Din, Sami Chams El-Din, who are all Informatics majors, and Zaher Chehady, a Chemistry Major.

The concept developed after several consultations with the Director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH), Dr. Firas Al-Abyad, and several meetings with the Supervisor of the COVID-19 Unit at RHUH, Dr, Layal Alaywan, and Professor Ahmad Haydar from the Isolation Unit.

These meetings and consultations helped the designers to see for the needs of the medical teams and the facilities, so the design could provide practical solutions.

At the moment, the five students have accomplished the first of many steps that will lead to the completion of their project.

This robot will be able to replace medical personnel in providing food and some medication to the patients in their rooms.

It takes the form of a rolling table, is controlled remotely to move around, and comes equipped with a camera for doctors and nurses to communicate with the patients through video calls.

This design will be autoclavable and capable of measuring the patient’s temperatures, in addition to the possibility of its autonomous mobility after further development and modifications.

This L.U. team, who volunteered to provide programmatic energy in this design, hopes that this initiative will receive the financial support it needs.

They asked all members and students of private and public institutions for their contribution, so to help the country overcome this difficult health crisis.

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Lebanese Students Are Creating a Robotic To Help Patients

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