10+ roman sites in Lebanon you must see!

Lebanon is a country that has 5,000 years of history. Last year, National Geographic declared that 


Lebanon is one of the world’s oldest countries

. The Romans left a lot of ruins in Lebanon such as amphitheaters and a bath. In fact, the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek is one of the largest temple ruins in the world. Visit these sites to explore Lebanon’s interesting side!

Ain Harcha Temple


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Location: Ain Harcha



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Location: Byblos


Bath ruins

Location: Beirut

Bziza Temple


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Location: Koura

Faqra Temple


Location: Faqra

God Mercury Temple


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Location: Hardine


Mashnaqa Temple

Location: Al Mashnaqa

Nabi Safa Temple


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Location: Kfarmeshki

Qasr Naous ruins


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Location: Ain Akrin

Temple of Bacchus

Location: Baalbek


Yanouh Temple


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Location: Yanouh


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