12 Romantic Date Ideas In Lebanon To Make The Most Of September With Your S/O

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People around the world love the month of September as it marks the beginning of the Fall season in many countries.

The ninth month of the year is considered the best as it reflects nature’s beautiful transition from the bright colors of summer to pleasant amber and yellow hues.

Many couples take the month of September as a great opportunity to celebrate the last days of summer and the new season, surrounded by the soft breeze of the fall.

So if you are a big fan of September, here are great date ideas to try this month with your partner to enjoy the best of times!

Go on a trip to the beautiful village of Sawfar in Aley

Located in Aley, Sawfar is a great village for couples – who can’t wait for the fall – to visit as the village starts to transform into ravishing romantic colors.

Additionally, you and your partner can enjoy the many fun activities that Sawfar offers, like visiting the Old Railway Station, the Sursock Donna Maria Palace, a biking tour through the town, and many more!

Enjoy a nice getaway in a tree house

Head to Ain El Delb, Sidon, where you can enjoy a peaceful getaway between trees, and a good night surrounded by nature, the autumn breeze, and a rather rustic ambiance.

For inquiries, contact 71 720 547.

Have a green escape in Beirut

Beirut houses many green eateries where couples can seek to relax among greenery, and hang out with their partner.

Situated in Mar Mikhael, Cluster 001 is a good place to share plenty of things together with your date: crafts, food and pastries, drinks, books, and more.

Contact 71 215 144 for more info.

Cozy up in a cafe in the mountain with hot drinks

Nothing screams “Autumn” more than enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa, other hot drinks, and pastries at a trendy cafe!

So head up to Broummana with your S/O to Unicorn Coffee House, a friendly cafe with a homey and cozy setting. The cafe opens from Monday to Saturday, from 12:30 pm until 11 pm.

For more info, contact 71 822 966.

Go on an amazing camping date

Lebanon is a great destination for nature lovers with its many breathtaking villages, and yes, camping areas where couples can spend the night together under the stars.

And nothing is more romantic than camping above the clouds at Safi Camp, located in Jabal Sâfi. For more details, contact 71 294 221.

Have a tea party à deux

If you are looking for a special date idea, all you have to do is go to Blue House Tea in Beirut and experience a rather posh ambiance for two in its “secret garden.”

For more info, contact 70 876 712.

Take a cultural trip with your S/O to the Mim Museum, Beirut

Located at the University Saint Joseph (USJ), Campus de L’innovation et du Sport (CIS), in Beirut, the Mim Museum is a private mineral museum, exhibiting more than 1800 minerals, representing some 400 different species from over 70 countries.

Formed by nature, the minerals offer stunning aesthetics created in the earth’s crust for millions of years.

The Mim Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday: from 10:00 am until 01:00 pm and from 02:00 pm until 06:00 pm.

For more info, contact 01 421 672

Have a tête-à-tête picnic activity in nature

Enjoy the fresh air of September with a romantic and relaxing picnic with your date en pleine nature.

You can also have a fancy picnic afternoon at Biomass Restaurant, in Jrabta, which is a farm-to-table concept in Lebanon, offering homemade Lebanese food and a picnic basket in a natural setting.

You can book your picnic basket for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on this number: 03 532 532.

Have a sunset date with your S/O at the beach in Batroun

Head to Batroun and enjoy the many exciting activities the coastal city offers, including for couples to enjoy the positive vibes.

While in Batroun, go to the Bahsa beach for a private romantic time during the gorgeous sunset hour, for free!

Go on a hiking trip to Qadisha Valley

With Lebanon’s several breathtaking hiking spots, couples can have the best of times hiking together this month before the weather becomes cold.

One of the most beautiful hiking spots is the Qadisha Valley, also known as Wadi Qannoubine or the Valley of The Saints, which is a must-visit destination in the Bsharre and Zgharta Districts.

When hiking, you will get to discover many centuries-old historical Christian monasteries!

Have a rooftop date night

It is the month to catch more romantic nights on a rooftop lounge or bar before the coming weather restricts them.

From cozy and romantic settings to fun and wild, Lebanon has many rooftop lounge options for a great date night.

Enjoy a cozy semi-private date at a romantic bar in Beirut

Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, is a friendly hub where lovers can immerse in one of the best nightlife experiences.

So take your partner and go to Cyrano, an aperitif bar in Gemmayze, where you both can have drinks in an ambiance inspired by Italy’s early 1900 bars. For more information, contact 71 166 114.

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