23 Most Romantic Getaways In Lebanon

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It is said that Love is the most powerful human emotion, and from which all emotions ensue, even the opposite ones in some cases.

Whether true or not, we can all agree that this Beauty in Motion we call love is a blessing to cherish and nurture. It’s healing, empowering, soothing, and a spring of happiness. That’s among the many gifts it blesses us with, including making our hardships feel lighter.

And when it is romantic, you get the whole package!

If you’ve missed that part in your relationship, or have set it aside for a while, or have forgotten its importance, it’s time to reconsider it. And what best to revive it than a romantic getaway.

Here are some of the most romantic ones in Lebanon:

#1 Beit Douma

A traditional Lebanese house with a breathtaking view of Tripoli and the sea, Beit Douma has been a destination for a peaceful and stressless getaway in Douma, Batroun. It’s a shared guesthouse with six rooms, an open kitchen, and a library full of cookbooks and ancient history books.

#2 ODOM Retreat

In addition to its unique setting on rock hills and their cozy igloos, the place offers remarkable amenities and luxury services. You will not only spend a weekend surrounded by natural beauty but you will also live an eerily romantic experience atop the clouds.

You can also get to enjoy outdoor activities with your loved one, like hiking or swimming in the outdoor pool or romantically spending the evening around a bonfire.

A plus: It is pet-friendly!

#3 Blue Jay Valley

You can go glamping or rent out a bungalow in this very charming rustic resort near Jezzine, equipped with a swimming pool and hot tub, and surrounded by a peaceful nature and calming sceneries.

#4 Beyt el Jabal

This old-style house in Deir el Qamar is nestled atop a cliff and offers stunning views of the Chouf mountains. There are several private rooms to rent out, facing the magnificent view and a private guest house for an even more secluded experience. The surrounding is amazing for romantic walks.

#5 La Maison de la Foret

A one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers, this getaway is situated in the pine forest of Bkassine and sparks a more tranquil state of mind out in nature. It offers several bungalows and plenty of amenities and outdoor activities. And it’s pet-friendly!

#6 Beit Ammiq

Located in the tranquil village of Ammiq on the eastern slopes of Mount Lebanon, overlooking the West Beqaa’s fertile plains, Beit Ammiq is ideal for lovers looking to spend time in a fine homey accommodation in nature.

Homey with wooden tones, bright with sunlight, and nicely decorated with colorful artwork, it is an ideal place for a comfy romantic getaway. A plus is the presence nearby of Tawlet Ammiq offering delicious traditional food.  

#7 Palais Des Cedres Hotel 

Nestled by the Cedar Forest in the south in Barouk, the Palais Des Cedres is a light and airy getaway resort that affords you great quality time with your partner, a walking distance from the Chouf Biosphere Reserve.

The place offers traditional mezza at its restaurant, a pool, and stunning views, in addition to limitless space for lovely walks in nature, and also hiking.

#8 Bkerzay

Located in Baakline, this getaway destination embraced by Chouf’s splendid nature, has more to offer than its refined Lebanese tradition.

In addition to its romantic environment, its year-round swimming pool, and a Turkish Hamam, it offers extra activities you can enjoy with your loved one, such as hiking, spa treatments, board games, gym, yoga, meditation, etc.

A Plus: it’s pet-friendly!

#9 Bouyouti

This cozy resort nestled in Beiteddine, in the Chouf mountain, this adults-only B&B is a great romantic getaway with several guesthouses, a lovely garden where you can enjoy your breakfast with your partner, an infinity pool, and a restaurant.

#10 Dar Alma

Located in one of Tyre’s most beautiful spots, this charming homey boutique hotel by the sea presents a romantic experience of its own with a private beach spot and water sports facilities.

You’ll have soothing views of the sea at all times and you can also get to play the tourist with your loved one, exploring the lovely district and creating new memories, camera in hand.

#11 Mir Amin Palace

A historical landmark of Beitddine, this gem of Lebanese architectural gem was the residence of the last princes (emirs) of Lebanon up to the 19th century. It was renovated and turned into a hotel in the 60s and has been hosting locals as well as tourists ever since.

Ideally unique to experience going back in time while being hosted in refinement with all modern amenities, Mir Amin Palace immerses you in past centuries, serenity, fresh air, and beauty.

The place has great views and is known for its distinguished Lebanese hospitality and exquisite cuisine.

#12 Solem Zaarour

From water activities and day and night events, Solem Zaarour is a hip place for those seeking a cheerful getaway in Zaarour, Metn, and amazing sunset sceneries. It offers chalets with each a private terrace that you can rent out.

#13 Beit Trad

You’ll find this charming mountain mansion in Kfour Kesrwan, peacefully surrounded by nature. The mansion was turned into a charming guesthouse with individually decorated rooms and a pool. It offers home-cooked meals and impeccable service, as well as a romantic atmosphere.

#14 Soha Village Resort

Located 25 minutes from Beirut, this resort nestles in the pristine mountain of Falougha, overlooking the majestic La Martine Valley, with stunning views from the top mountain to the sea, especially at sunset when the sceneries turn magical.

If you are looking for rustic warmth and stylish design with comfort, Soha Village would be your destination. You’ll get to wake up at the soothing sounds of exotic birds and be surrounded by the scents of wildlife.

#15 Beit El Batroun B&B

A traditional Lebanese village house that will charm you with its elegance and simplicity, “The House of Batroun” as its name indicates is the place to spend a romantic and peaceful weekend surrounded by nature and orchards of olive and lemon.

You will get to experience the homeyness of a Lebanese village house and its meals while being also close to coastal activities. A swimming pool is available for the guests on site.

#16 L’Auberge Des Emirs

A castle-resort in the historical city of Deir El Qamar, L’ Auberge Des Emirs with its large premises has a lot to offer:

Cozy suites with all amenities, a large terrace with a swimming pool, a full bar and lounge with live music shows, and more. Plus, it’s in the proximity of landmarks you can visit while there: the Moussa Castle and Museum, the ancient Saydet El-Talle church, the Fakhredine Mosque, the ancient alleys of the town, and more.

#17 MIST Spa Hotel

If you are looking for a more luxurious getaway, consider MIST Hotel & Spa in Ehden, North Lebanon. The place offers many amenities, including the infinity pool, the spa, the bar, and romantic settings.

#18 Beit El Bahr B&B

Located in Tabarja, this “Sea House” as its name indicates is an ideal place if you are looking to enjoy the beachfront in peace with your loved one, and wake up at the soothing sound of waves. Simplicity and comfort are what you’ll get in this traditional Lebanese house with views of the sea and coast.

#19 Hadath el Jebbeh Auberge

Overlooking the holy Qadisha Valley and the renowned Cedars of Lebanon, this traditional Lebanese auberge in the northern mountain of Hadath El Jebbeh is truly a get-away from the hustle and noise of the city and the worries of daily life.

In addition to its breathtaking views, the auberge offers traditional breakfast and a surrounding for outdoor activities, and you can get to experience the much celebrated northern hospitality.

#20 Grand Hills Hotel & Spa

Another destination for those seeking luxury, this Hotel & Spa surrounded by pine trees in Broumana offers many amenities, including a fancy pool and a terrace, and breathtaking views.

#21 The Chill Hill Experience

A facility that should definitely be on your bucket list, the Chill Hill Experience transports you to Switzerland or Canada with its wooden cabins by the lake as you immerse in a romantic atmosphere with your loved one.

Located in Wata El-Joz, in Kesserwan, with an outdoor seasonal pool, it is also a great place to take off hiking in the area. A plus, it’s pet-friendly!

#22 Diwan El-Beik

A 170-year-old guesthouse in the beautiful village of Douma, Diwan El Beik with a colorful garden and natural surroundings, is known for its ambiance, its coziness, and its friendly hospitality. While there, don’t miss exploring the village.

#23 My Stone Cellar

A heritage house in Douma dating back to 1903 and splendidly renovated by the family with particular care to preserve their roots. The accommodations are renovated ancient vaulted cellars with marble floors, a private entrance, a kitchenette, shower, and bathroom.

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