13 Romantic Spots In Lebanon For When You’re Ready To Pop The Question

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Lebanon is an enchanting and romantic place for couples to enjoy getaways and unique romantic dates in stunning places in the middle of nature.

While there is no particular season to propose, since the “cycle of life” is unstoppable, popping the question to take the relationship to the next level can be done anytime throughout the year.

The important is to do it romantically right to make it memorable and, sure, to get the “yes” you so hope for! And doing it right involves opting for a romantic spot.

Diner aux chandelles, that’s lovely, but let’s face it, proposing in public is not ideal nor the best romantic way to live this intimate or private life-changing moment.

A marriage proposal must be cherished as such and in a romantic spot that will become “the special place” of the couple for years to come.

So, if you are ready to pop the life-changing question, consider one of these many amazing spots in Lebanon that will immerse that special moment in beauty and splendor.

Plage Des Rois – Jbeil

The ocean side is a great ‘venue’ to ask your sweetheart to marry you. The stunning resort of Plage Des Rois in Byblos has these particular spots where romance seems to hum with the waves.

For more info, contact 71 810 051.

Sursock Museum – Ashrafieh

Consider the outdoors of the Sursock Museum, where you will get to propose to your S/O at one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks in Lebanon!

You can contact the Sursock Museum on 01 202 001 for more info.

The North Pod – Mazraat El Teffâh

A glamping getaway at The North Pod in Mazraat El Teffah will give you a great opportunity to propose to your special one in the heart of nature and with a great view.

You can contact them at 81 506 001 to coordinate an unforgettable setting.

Plan it on a boat!

A marriage proposal on a boat or yacht, surrounded by the beauty of the sea at sunset, with soft music and the view of the coast, can be amazingly romantic.

From luxury to regular boats, you can book a private “tête-à-tête” date according to your budget and get to pop the question, pledging your love and life to your special one.

There are various rental boat facilities available in Lebanon. Among them is Boating Lebanon, which you can contact at 71 815 545.

Acampar – Faraya

A place to consider for a surprise proposal is Acampar in Faraya where you can propose during a camping night in the heart of nature.

The place offers bungalows, picnics, camping, a pool, a sunset venue, and a place for private events and parties. For inquiries, you may contact 71 860 068.

Chouwen Lake

Known as Jannat Chouwen for its paradise-like environment, the Chouwen Lake is a serene and peaceful lake with blue waters flowing between two stunning green mountains.

So if you are a fan of natural wonders, you can go on a road trip to the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve and organize a hike à deux and surprise your partner with a romantic proposal surrounded by breathtaking nature.


If you and your beloved are nature lovers and fans of hiking, a nature spot in the beautiful mountainous village of Akoura would be ideal for a proposal.

Who needs to spend on decorations when mother nature offers it all beautifully and generously? The view is spectacular in many hiking spots in Akoura, and the surrounding is even more romantic right at the village’s majestic waterfall!

Arnaoon Village – Batroun

Surprise your beloved with a romantic proposal in Arnaoon Village, a hidden gem in Batroun located on the road of the Msaylha Fortress.

The place offers a unique destination to pop the life-changing question and have an amazing experience to pave the way to your new life chapter!

For more info, contact 03 342 502.

Ixsir Winery – Batroun

Also located on the hills of Batroun, the Ixsir Winery is home to the best Rosé in the world and an enchanting and romantic spot to propose in its green and fertile valley!

The place closes on Mondays. For more info, you can contact 71 631 613.

Bnachii Lake

A very enchanting spot to propose is the Bnachii lake, in the Zgharta district, surrounded by gorgeous nature and swans roaming around.

A Breathtaking Lookout Spot like no other – Sir Al Dinniyeh

Feeling like offering her the world (or part of it)? Do your proposal at the lookout in Sir El Dinnieh, north Lebanon, one of the most scenic and breathtaking spots in Lebanon where not only the romance of the moment will make you feel like floating in the air!

A marriage proposal is, after all, the story you’ll tell for decades to come. 

Corniche Sawfar

If you intend to propose any time soon, the fall season is particularly romantic in Sawfar, a beautiful village in Aley, with scenic views from corniche where you can pop the question amid the golden hues of the season.

The Baakline River & Waterfalls – Chouf

An amazing spot to pop the question is at just there at the Baakline Waterfalls. It’s kind of unique and famous for its romantic floating dinner dates by the Shallalat Al Zarka restaurant.

Although we have steered away from the restaurant cliche, this one offers privacy along with splendid surroundings.

For more info or reservation, contact 03 560 301.

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