Take a look inside the rooms for autistic kids at Beirut Airport!

Yesterday, the Minister of Transport Youssef Fenianos and the head of North Autism Center Rima Frangieh inaugurated two rooms for traveling autistic kids at Rafic Hariri International Airport, according to


. The rooms were opened on April 2 which happens to be World Autism Day. Many airports around the world have sensory rooms dedicated to autistic children. Lebanon’s sensory rooms are among the first ones in the Middle East. The lights inside these rooms are low. Kids can play and relax while listening to calm music. One of the sensory rooms will be used by departing passengers while the other one will be available to arriving travelers. These types of spaces inside airports can be beneficial for autistic children and their caregivers since airports are very busy and loud. Beirut Airport was lit in blue lights from the outside to mark the occasion and to show support to autistic people.

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