Roughly 8 MPs Were Inside The State Security Facility With William Noun

Nabil Ismail

About 8 MPs were able to stand with William Noun inside the State Security facility where he was detained.

State security stopped letting anyone in, however. The exact MPs that made it in are still not clear.

Meanwhile, MPs Alain Aoun and Simon Abi Ramia, who belong to former President Michel Aoun‘s Free Patriotic Movement, were spotted drinking at Bar du Port, according to ThawraMap.

Michel Aoun knew about the dangerous ammonium nitrate stored at the Beirut Port 2 weeks before the explosion – which he later admitted to knowing about.

Judge Zaher Hamadeh just gave the notice to detain William Noun, despite being in custody for over 12 hours already. Earlier today, William Noun‘s family house was raided by authorities and he’s been detained ever since.

Roads and highways across Lebanon are closed in support. MPs have publicly called this out, with several making their way into the State Security facility to be with William Noun.

Protests have been escalating the last few days over frustrations of stalemate and attempted obstruction of the investigation.

William Noun‘s brother, Joe Noun, was killed in the explosion. He was a firefighter and one of the first to respond during the Beirut Port blast.

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