The Man Who Killed Roy Hamouche Just Got Caught In Bourj Hammoud!

On June 7, people woke up to extremely sad news. A 23-year-old young man got killed by an anonymous gunman. The victim is Roy Hamouche, a student from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, who left the world a few days before graduating from the faculty of engineering. Roy was celebrating his birthday with his friends in Jounieh. On his way back to Mansourieh, the car he was riding in with his friend slightly bumped into another car which was a tinted BMW. A person from the other car started cursing and yelling at the two young men in addition to hitting the car despite the fact that they offered him money to fix the damage. Roy and his friend managed to escape. However, they arrived on a road in Karantina that dead-ended; there was no way out. This made it easier for one of the gunmen to shoot them. While trying to shoot Roy’s friend, the gun fell from his hands; he couldn’t shoot him. However, Roy wasn’t that lucky; he got shot in the head and didn’t make it. While Lebanon was asking justice for Roy, the internal security forces caught the criminal. M.H.A, born in 1984, was caught in Bourj Hammoud where he was hiding at his friend’s place. A pistol and two hand grenades were found with him.

(Note that privacy laws prevent the release of the suspect’s name. Also, note that this is Lebanon, his name will manage to get released.)

The investigation is ongoing to find out more about what happened and to find the other two gunmen. We would like to express our sincere condolences to Roy’s family and friends. This was the announcement of the arrest by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces:

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