Rugby player paying for 100 Lebanese fans to attend Lebanon vs. France game!

This year, the

Rugby League World Cup

is going to be held in Australia. Fourteen rugby teams from all over the world are going to take part in this tournament, and among them is The Cedars, which is one of the teams of the Lebanese Rugby League Federation. The Cedars is going to take part in the following games:

  • October 29: Lebanon vs. France
  • November 4: Lebanon vs. England
  • November 11: Lebanon vs. Australia

Qualifying for the rugby world cup is a big deal for Lebanon since it is unifying the Lebanese people all over the world! Since it is the second time that this team is participating in this game, the veteran hooker Robbie Farah decided to bring as many Lebanese fans as he can to watch the game and cheer for the players during the first match, which is against France, in the Canberra Stadium! So, Farah is paying the tickets and the traveling fees of 100 people from Sydney to come and watch the game. The sportsman wants the stadium to have a huge Lebanese crowd! He’s not only doing this out of patriotism, but also because he wants to give back to the Lebanese rugby league community. In fact, he joined the team when he was 18 years old. His experience there helped him to kick off his NRL career. We hope that the stadium will be filled with cheering Lebanese fans! Go Lebanon!