Russia and U.S. Are Fighting Over the Lebanese Revolution

Protests in Lebanon got the attention of many countries around the world. Some spoke in support of the revolution, others tried to condemn it. Lebanon, historically and geographically, is an important vantage point to many.


One of the governments that have tried to invalidate the revolution is the Russian government. Minister Mikhail Bogdanov met with Amal Abou Zeid, an adviser to Lebanon’s President, after which he released a statement saying the following:

“[Russia] stressed its support for Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, unity, and stability, and reaffirmed its strict and consistent position that all the topical issues on the national agenda must be addressed by the Lebanese people within the legal framework, via an inclusive dialogue in the interest of civil peace and accord.”



He continued saying that “Russia considers unacceptable any external attempts to interfere in the Lebanese affairs or to play out geopolitical scenarios, using, and artificially escalating, the existing difficulties faced by the friendly Lebanon.”

The US department saw this as an accusation from the Russian Government. Morgan Ortagus, a spokesperson for the United States Department of State, released a video in which she claimed that this was incorrect and that this is a tired trope that has been used many times around the world by the Russian Government.

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Ortagus continued saying on behalf of her government that even though the Russians are enjoying speaking these remarks, the US will continue to stand alongside the Lebanese people.

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She made it clear that the US has invested in Lebanon over 2 billion dollars to assist the Lebanese Armed forces, $300 million that they invested in higher education, $2 billion for humanitarian assistance, $100 million to assist the special tribunal of Lebanon for the investigation of PM Hariri’s death, and many more.


She continued saying, “Russia is trying to exploit the situation in Lebanon to advance its own interests, but the world knows better.”

And the new question that we Lebanese now raise, in addition to the existing list: “Where did all that money go when Lebanon is bankrupt?!”


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