Russia Is Sending A Mobile Hospital To Beirut

Hussein Malla | @emptynous_photo

On Wednesday, the Russian Emergency Ministry announced it will be sending five planes with humanitarian aid to Lebanon in response to the explosion that took place on Tuesday.

The Beirut blast yesterday killed at least 100 people and left thousands injured and too many people missing. For hours in the aftermath of the explosion, the city could only hear the alarming sound of sirens.

Hospitals across the city quickly became overcrowded with people who needed medical attention. But some of Beirut hospitals were not spared by the blast that caused them damages.

Nurses and doctors had to rush out the patients and turn away casualties. Many were treated outside the hospitals…

Lebanon’s hospitals are already barely able to tend to a large number of coronavirus patients. Now, the country needs all the medical assistance it can get.

Opportunely, the planes from Russia will now provide a mobile hospital along with a team of rescue and medical specialists.

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The planes will deliver needed medical equipment and a supply of medications to help treat injured citizens.

During this tragic time, other nations are also offering humanitarian relief and support to help Lebanon out of this disaster.

Kuwait’s medical aid just arrived in Lebanon, and Italy has already dispatched its support, including firefighters specialized in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear environmental disasters.

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