Russian Embassy Just Thanked The Few Lebanese Who Showed Russia Support

Natalya Seliverstova/Sputnik

On Sunday, the Russian Embassy in Lebanon issued a statement expressing its gratitude “to the Russian and Lebanese citizens of the community and friends who supported Russia during this difficult time.”

The Russian Embassy said that Russia has faced western propaganda and cyberattacks, adding, “We will keep defending the truth and reflect on what’s happening in Ukraine objectively.”

The statement also implied that many Lebanese political leaders indicated their support and express their solidarity with Russia.

The statement continued: “Regardless of Beirut’s official position, we believe that they are generally aware of the reality and share our yearning to achieve the legitimate right of any state to ensure national security.”

Just last week, members of the Russian diaspora in Lebanon and some Lebanese people gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in support of Russia’s recent military involvement in Ukraine.

During the protest, the Russian ambassador commented that “the main causes of the military operations in Ukraine is not to wage a war against Ukraine or the Ukrainian people,” claiming that “the main goal is for Russia to clean Ukraine from fascism.”

However, at the start of the clash between Russia and Ukraine, Lebanon was fast to issue a statement urging Russia to stop its military aggression and even voted against its invasion in the UN General Assembly.

The Ukrainian community in Lebanon also held their protest in front of the Russian Embassy at the start of the invasion, calling Russia to stop and spare their country and their people back home.

Based on tweets and posts on social media since last week, the Lebanese people seemed to be by majority empathizing with Ukraine with some expressing support to Russia.

Lebanon hasn’t been spared from the impact of this invasion that caught many Lebanese nationals in Ukraine off guard, especially the students, with all struggling to survive in improvised shelters and to flee with the masses at the borders.

Lebanon has also been impacted with its supplies of wheat from Ukraine as the officials are now rushing to find new partners.

Fuel is another rising crisis in Lebanon caused by that war as long-hours queues at gas stations are now back across the country.

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