Russian General Claimed That Israel Bombed Beirut Port On August 4th With A Nuclear Missile

Lebanon Debate

It was reported that the Russian newspaper Izvestiya had quoted a former Russian intelligence official, General Igor Draganov, saying that he “confirmed that the port of Beirut exploded with an Israeli tactical nuclear missile.”

Lebanese investigative journalist Riad Kobaissi said that “you will look in the Russian newspapers but you will not find former Russian intelligence officer Igor Draganov but a football player.”

All you will find is a statement by a former Russian military official named Leonid Ivashov, who says in a statement to an official Russian website on August 7, 2020, that it is likely and not excluded that it was an air strike because Lebanon has lost control of its field and does not have real monitoring radars or an air defense system.

In the article attributed to Izvestiya, the so-called general claimed that the Western naval forces came under the cover of humanitarian aid (France, England, and America) to hide the scientific facts, as the explosion constituted a global humanitarian catastrophe that could shake the Israeli entity and prevent peace and the conclusion of a treaty with the Gulf.

All foreign warships left Lebanon after the arrival of the American expert team, and Lebanon officially allowed them to enter its sovereign territory to scientifically confirm the success of obliterating the truth (the FBI with trained dogs).

General Draganov claimed that Lebanon did not try from the beginning to find out the truth. “The judiciary was politicized and the families of the martyrs were also, after which hundreds of millions of dollars were legally entered into Lebanon under the cover of restoring the port and helping the families,” he said.

He considered that the money was a prelude to the parliamentary elections, the silencing of the authorities, and the lack of investigation. He asked, “Where did the 500 million euros sent by France to NGOs go?”

According to him, the Russian intelligence claimed to be certain that Hezbollah does not have any military equipment in the port or in any other facilities, as Israel tried to promote.

The real goal of bombing the Beirut port, he said, was to hit the largest port in the eastern Mediterranean and remove it from the competition with the port of Haifa, striking the Lebanese banking sector and removing it from the competition as well.

He said confirming his argument by the fact that France has not yet submitted a request, as Macron promised, to the United Nations Human Rights Council to refer the file of the Beirut port explosion to an investigative committee.

Hussein Malla/AP

Speculations, analyses, and opinions on how the port of Beirut exploded on August 4th, 2020 have been many and conflicting, and not just a few of them were politicized.

The relentless obstruction of the investigation by Lebanese politicians hasn’t helped reach the truth in order to grant justice to the victims and put an end to politicized speculations.

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