Saad Hariri Claims No Interest In Prime Minister Position

Saad Hariri Denies Interest In Returning As Prime Minister

In light of recent speculations of his return to government, Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri denied seeking such a return.

Following his visit to Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church Elias Audi, Hariri implied in a news conference that his recent criticism of the current government’s performance does not signify his interest in returning as PM.

Instead, he said, “What I’m saying is that any premier in power must have the capabilities to be able to work, and these capabilities require several factors, including the presence of experts who know the affairs of their ministries and not merely technocrat ministers.”

Citing “scientific foundations” as a basis for its implementation, Hariri pointed out that a real reform “does not take place according to what every person wants.”

“Today, Lebanon is reeling under the weight of “a very big crisis, economically, politically, and socially,” he added.

“Unfortunately,” he continued, “instead of the gap narrowing, we see it deepening more with this government, especially with regard to the economic situation.”

Last week, Hariri, talking to reporters, said that the possibility of return would be tied to certain conditions.

“We want to get out of several things, such as quotas and others. We are suffering an economic crisis, and what is required is reform,” he said, criticizing Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s approach to Lebanon’s problems.

Hariri went on saying, “I heard what Diab said today. Did he address electricity? Did he talk about reforms? He is only attacking the diplomatic corps of the countries from which we want to borrow [money].”

On that note, Diab recently filed a lawsuit for over $1 million against the American University of Beirut (AUB), in retirement funds, severance pay, and compensation for delays to his payment as a former employee of the institution.

AUB affirms that Diab has not resigned nor has he been fired, hence he is not entitled to such benefits.

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