Saad Hariri Is Expected To Be Picked As ‘New’ Prime Minister

Having resigned nearly a year ago in response to the October 17 Revolution, former Prime Minister is currently in the running to head the government again.

Last Wednesday, President Aoun called for binding consultations with parliamentary blocs to name a new prime minister on October 15th.

“I expect Hariri to be designated on Thursday,” said Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Elie Ferzli, speaking to MTV.

Last Thursday on MTV’s Sar El-Waet show, Hariri said that he was a possible candidate as prime minister, adding that he would be ready to deal with IMF talks and implement reforms.

He has been adamant about not taking the role of PM unless his terms were met, such as ensuring FPM leader would not be part of the new Cabinet.

Hariri is set to meet with President Aoun and Parliament Speaker Monday morning before deciding on his premiership.

For the past two months, has been in a governmental void ever since the previous government headed by PM resigned in the wake of the Beirut blast. That was quick to be followed by PM-designate resigning amid deadlock over forming the next Cabinet.

If Hariri is appointed, it would be his fourth time to serve as PM.

In October last year, he resigned after massive demonstrations erupted across protesting against the government and its corruption.

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