Saad Hariri Calls To Lift All Immunities, Even The President’s, In The Beirut Blast Case

Al Jazeera | @SaadHariri

Ex-PM Saad Hariri has proposed suspending all constitutional and legal articles that grant immunity to the President, the Prime Minister, ministers, representatives, judges, civil servants, and even lawyers.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Hariri said he and his entire Future Movement bloc will sign his proposal and visit different parliamentary blocs to gain more signatures.

He reiterated his call for an international and unified probe into the Beirut Port, criticizing the recent petition by MPs to form a separate investigation into the blast.

That would mean that the blast investigation would be processed before the following three courts: (1) the Supreme Council for the Judgment of Presidents and Ministers, (2) the Judicial Council, (3) the Court of Cassation for Judges.

“Is it permissible for three courts to rule in one case and issue 3 rulings? I say no and thousand times no,” Hariri said.

His firm rejection of the MPs’ petition comes despite that some members of his Future Movement, such as Bahia Hariri, had signed the parliamentarians’ petition that is now being called the “petition of shame”.

Furthermore, Future Movement MP Nouhad Machnouk is among the indicted in the case by investigative Judge Tarek Bitar.

“No one is bigger than the truth,” Saad Hariri stressed, intending to take his petition to lift all immunities without any exception till the end.

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