Saad Hariri Pressured His Government to Find Solutions in 72-Hours at the Most

After demonstrations have been engulfing many areas in Lebanon and the protesters calling for the resignation of the government, the Lebanese Prime Minister addressed the country and the protesters in a televised speech, warning his government with a 72-hour deadline to solve the economic crisis that triggered the protests.


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“The Lebanese have got used to me to address them directly in critical situations and to tell them the truth because, after all, we have been and will remain a united family called Lebanon,” PM Saad Hariri initiated his speech.

In his speech, he acknowledged the following: “The country is going through a difficult and unprecedented circumstance in our history […]. What we have seen since yesterday evening is the pain of the Lebanese, a real pain, which I feel and I acknowledge and I’m with every peaceful move to express this pain. But what is important is how we address it and provide solutions because this is the responsibility that the Lebanese people have entrusted to us.”


PM Hariri went on explaining that he has been trying, and for three years, to find solutions for what he called “the Lebanese Pain.”  He mentioned the efforts he has put in all these years in diverse country-related matters, blaming his political adversaries in government, whom he did not name, for standing in the way of a solution for the country.

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He concluded by announcing a short term solution saying: “Whatever the solution was, we no longer have time. Personally, I will give myself a very short deadline, so that either our partners in the nation would give a clear answer about the solution that will convince me, the Lebanese, the international community, and everyone who is protesting today, or I will have a different approach. And the deadline is short, 72 hours.”


It is worth mentioning that Lebanese all over the world are participating in protests and peaceful demonstrations in solidarity with the Lebanese in Lebanon, each in his/her own city. Lebanese in Canada started with their first protest earlier today In Montreal, to be followed this weekend by Toronto and Ottawa. Different ones are also being held this weekend across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

As for the deadline of PM Hariri, someone actually made the effort to set a countdown online in that regard, and the Lebanese are counting down…

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