Prime Minister Saad Hariri suspends his resignation

This year’s independence day in was not like any other. Seventeen days ago, the Prime Minister announced his resignation in Riyadh, . The fact that he resigned outside the Lebanese territory was suspicious. Many politicians believed that Hariri was pressured to resign. Yesterday night, Hariri arrived in to take part in the celebration of the Independence Day. He was also expected to present his resignation. The Prime Minister visited his father’s tomb and paid respect to the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Today, he attended the military parade where he met the President and the Speaker of the Parliament for the first time after announcing his resignation. The Prime Minister was expected to hand his resignation letter at the Baabda Palace after the celebration. Following a discussion with the President and the Speaker of the Parliament, Hariri postponed his resignation. In his speech, he thanked the President for strengthening the national unity. He also thanked the Lebanese people who stood beside him. Hariri said that he would closely work with the President to protect ’s stability and maintain healthy relationships with fellow Middle Eastern countries.

The Prime Minister is looking forward to see all political parties putting ’s needs first and maintaining the coexistence between Lebanese people.

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