Safer nightlife in Lebanon thanks to Kunhadi’s initiative

This year marks Kunhadi’s 11th anniversary. The NGO recently launched an initiative called “Save The Night” which aims at promoting

safe driving

in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and the syndicate of owners of restaurants and nightclubs. According to


, the staff in bars and restaurants will be trained to deal with drunken customers and encourage them to go home by taxi instead of driving. The trainees will also learn the basics of first aid. The great thing is that the initiative was launched before New Year’s Eve. Spending New Year’s in Lebanon is a must: the nightlife in Beirut is out of this world! However, many car accidents happen on this day, and this initiative will certainly save many lives! Kunhadi is doing an amazing job in promoting safer roads. Our main resolution should be reducing the number of car accidents in the country!