Saghbine, Lebanon In 20+ Serene Images

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The serene village of Saghbine is located in southern Lebanon in the West Bekaa district. It’s around 73 kilometers from Beirut, nearly a 90-minute drive from the capital.

“The Angry People”

Speaking about the origin of the town’s name @LebCulHist tweeted: “Syriac: “Zo3pin” (ά™ά³ά₯ܦܺܝܡܒ) from the Hebrew root “Χ–Χ’Χ£” (Zghf) implying “Anger & Sensitivity”. Thus the name of the town means: “The Angry People.”

Qaraoun Lake

Saghbine is located north of the Qaraoun Lake, the biggest artificial lake in Lebanon. The village lies on its northern banks, giving its residents a permanent beautiful scene.

The White Stork is also a known visitor of the land as they stop near the Qaraoun dam to breed during their migration to Africa.

Litani River

Beginning from Bekaa, the flowing Litani River gracefully serpents near the village of Saghbine.

Food With A View

You can have a peaceful lunch at Grand View Restaurant in Saghbine overlooking the lake, where you can enjoy good food, the pool, and great views.

Ancient Oak

In a forest near Saghbine, you can find the Aleppo Oak that dates back to the Roman Era!

Winter View

During the winter, snowfall turns Saghbine into a winter wonderland.

Agricultural Land

Typical of a town in Bekaa, Saghbine is known for its crop production and orchards of fruits, such as apples and grapes.

Latourba Vineyards

Saghbine is home to Latourba, a brand of Lebanese wine made from grapes sourced from the fertile land of the town.

On its website, Latourba writes, “It is right here that the Mesopotamians taught the Phoenicians everything they knew about wine before the latter made it better.”

Beautiful Old Stone Homes

Saghbine is an ancient village with old stone homes and used to be the central point of communication between the Chouf and the Bekaa.

Local Talents

One of Saghbine’s residents is the renowned soprano, Ghada Ghanem. She is a voice teacher at the Lebanese National Conservatory and gives private classes as well.

Nature Getaway

If you seek peace of mind, calmness, and serenity, Saghbine is a place for you.

Don’t be shaken by its name The Angry People, for it does not relate at all to the place or its people.

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Saghbine, Lebanon In 20+ Serene Images

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