The Life And Stories Of Saint Charbel Are Being Taught Across China

Mar Charbel
Yasou3na l Khodamerab

Lebanon, a country rich in spirituality, has been a beacon of sanctity to the world.

Among its revered figures, Saint Charbel stands out, his influence transcending religious boundaries and reaching far beyond his native land.

Saint Charbel’s devotion extends not only to Christians but also to Muslims, with his revered figure being widely venerated across Lebanon.

Recently, his reputation and teachings have even begun to resonate in distant lands like China, where faith, prayer, love, and peace are being emphasized, bearing witness to the universal message of Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Mazar Saint Charbel-Annaya

In China, the youth are introduced to the life of Saint Charbel, learning about the virtues that guided him on his path to sanctity.

This demonstrates how the grace of God works through the intercession of this esteemed saint, touching the hearts of people from all nations and backgrounds.

Saint Charbel, born in the small mountain village of Bekaa Kafra in 1828, is renowned for the countless miracles attributed to him, even after his passing in 1898.

As a Maronite monk and hermit, he performed hundreds of thousands of miracles during his lifetime, and his intercession continues to bring about miracles worldwide, spanning across different religions and belief systems.

He is considered to be the most active saint in the Catholic Church.

The Monastery of Saint Maroun in Annaya, Mount Lebanon, serves as a focal point for those seeking solace and miracles through Saint Charbel.

The monastery receives an overwhelming number of letters, emails, calls, and messages from people sharing stories of miraculous healings and wonders attributed to Saint Charbel, reaffirming his enduring legacy and the power of his intercession.

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