Glass Giant Saint-Gobain Just Donated Building Materials To Lebanon

Glass Giant Saint-Gobain Just Donated 300,000 sqm Of Glass To Lebanon
Saint-Gobain Glass | AP/Hassan Ammar

Over 6,000 structures have been destroyed or damaged by the deadly Beirut Port explosion, including the port itself, which sustained severe damage. As a result, Lebanon has incurred billions of dollars in loss.

Naturally, the cost of repairing the city after such a disaster is expected to be massive, with $15 billion being the latest estimate presented by Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud.

A sizeable portion of these costs will go to the purchase of glass and other building materials to undergo the repairs, and here is where Saint-Gobain, the renowned French construction material manufacturer, has decided to step in.

“After the terrible explosions that struck the Lebanese capital on Monday, August 4, mourning the country and destroying a part of Beirut, the Saint-Gobain Group, through its Chairman and CEO, Pierre-André de Chalendar, offered its assistance to the French Ministry of Armed Forces to help rebuild the country.”

On Tuesday, Saint-Gobain issued the above statement and said that nine semi-trailers and a 19-ton truck had already unloaded their cargo in the military port of Toulon, France, in order to be transported to Lebanon.

The cargo mainly consists of construction materials, including plasterboard, glass wool, and slabs, and was loaded onto the helicopter carrier that was leaving for Lebanon on Saturday evening.

Additionally, the Saint-Gobain Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East team took immediate action by loading 200 containers of building glass from the company’s plant in Ain Al-Soukhna, Egypt, to support Lebanon.

The glass giant said that an additional 120 containers will follow to ensure that the supply goes uninterrupted to Lebanon to avoid a shortage of the material, which may cause unjustified price hikes, given the country’s current economic situation.

Furthermore, other relief and support actions will be announced in due course, Saint-Gobain announced.

“Once again, solidarity was the order of the day at Saint-Gobain. Thank you to all the teams who mobilized to make this operation possible,” the company stated.

Correction: Saint-Gobain loaded 200 containers of glass from Egypt to be supplied to Lebanon in addition to the 9 semi-trailers and the 19-ton truck sent from France – (August 13th, 2020 at 10:50 PM): We initially reported that Saint-Gobain was supplying Lebanon with 300,000 square meters of glass. Upon being presented with new information, we reflected this in the corrections.

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