There Was An Explosion At The Office Of A Lawyer Working On The Beirut Blast Files


Lebanese lawyer Sakher Al-Hashem’s office in Furn El-Chebbak was shaken by an explosion on Monday afternoon.

Al-Hashem, who was in the office at the time with his two sons, described the explosion as “very huge”. No injuries were reported, but there was severe material damage.

In a statement, he hoped that the explosion was not some kind of message related to his role in the Beirut blast investigation.

Al-Hashem represents the defendants Hassan Koraytem, who is the head of the interim committee for the management and investment of the Beirut port, and Mohammad Ziad Al-Awf, the head of the security and safety department in the port.

Security forces are working to uncover the cause and source of the blast in Al-Hashem’s office, which still remains a mystery. They will try to determine whether it was an accident or if Al-Hashem was indeed targeted.

Al-Hashem is known to handle controversial cases such as the one of Carlos Ghosn, and the case of former minister Michel Samaha who was jailed for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Lebanon. The U.S. designated Samaha as a global terrorist for helping Syria cause unrest in Lebanon.

Notably, former military judge Peter Germanos joined the team as a lawyer at Al-Hashem’s office 3 months ago. Months prior, Peter Germanos was summoned to a U.S. court, along with Gebran Bassil and other key FPM Members, on accusations of kidnapping, illegal detention, and torture.

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