Samir Geagea Says He Will Give Statement About Clashes If Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Does First

Samir Geagea Official

The head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, has been summoned by the Lebanese Military Court for questioning, a judicial official declared on Thursday.

He will be questioned regarding the Tayyouneh’s events on October 14th, during which seven people were killed when Hezbollah and Amal protests against judge Tarek Bitar escalated into a deadly gun battle.

Geagea declared on an MTV interview that he was until that moment “not aware of this summons, and when I will be informed, we will prepare the necessary juridic answer.”

He added that he is “ready to appear before the judge, on one condition and that is that Hassan Nasrallah, the Security-General of Hezbollah, does it before him.

Hezbollah accused the Lebanese Forces party of being responsible for the clashes by “placing snipers on the rooftops” and provoking those shootings. The Amal Movement even blamed Judge Bitar.

Geagea denied any responsibility for those events.

Hassan Nasrallah launched verbal attacks a few days prior against Samir Geagea, warning him that Hezbollah had 100,000 armed and experienced fighters and therefore he should be careful of his actions not to bring the country into another civil war.

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