Samir Khatib No Longer Wants to Be Prime Minister of Lebanon

Sunday, December 8th: Following his meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, the primary nominee for the Prime Minister of Lebanon position Samir Khatib announced that he is no more willing to head the next cabinet.


In a brief speech, Khatib said he decided to withdraw from the elections after being informed by the Mufti that the current caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri is the name agreed upon by the Sunni sect to head the next government.

Via LBC Group

According to Lebanese media, Sheikh Derian told Khatib that “his contacts and consultations with the members of the sect led to the agreement to assign Saad Hariri to form the government.”


“His Eminence is one of the supporters of President Saad Hariri,” Khatib declared, “who is making efforts to advance Lebanon and support its Arab and international role.”

Khatib concluded: “Therefore, I will go to the Bayt Al-Wasat to meet with Hariri and inform him of the matter because he is one who proposed my name and I am grateful for his trust in me.” 

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Samir Khatib is expected to make a statement after his meeting with PM Saad Hariri in Bayt Al-Wasat.

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