Sand Quarry In Lebanon Was Authorized To Resume Work Despite High Risks

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In the village of Hebbariye, in the Hasbaya district of the Nabatieh Governorate in South Lebanon, a sand quarry was given legal permission to continue its work despite the dangers it poses to the residents and the environment.

The sand quarry was commissioned in 2017 but had to stop after several complaints from environmental groups. Reports state that it is owned by Asaad Hajjoul, a member of the Hebbariye Municipality.

The Green Southerners Association, one of the organizations that had protested the work of the sand quarry, indicated that the Ministry of Interior has given the quarry permission to resume its duties.

According to Hisham Younes, the head of the Green Southerners Association, the association sent a complaint to the Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin, who in turn sent two letters to the Ministry of Interior and the Environmental Public Prosecutor.

Experts pointed out that the quarry is in danger of being exposed to torrential rains and erosion. If this was to happen, nearby residents would be facing serious danger.

They added that the quarry has negative short and long-term negative effects on groundwater in the region.

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