Saudi Activist Ali Hashem Threatens The Saudi Embassy In Lebanon With Act Of Terrorism


In a published recording on Tuesday, the Saudi activist Ali Hashem, who is based in Lebanon, threatened the Saudi embassy in Beirut and its employees with an act of terrorism.

In response, the writer and political analyst Nidal Al-Sabaa urged the Lebanese authorities to swiftly intervene.

He considered that “the Lebanese state is called today to combat terrorism and to pursue voices calling for killing and carrying out terrorist operations.”

Al-Sabaa pointed out that “Ali Hashem, who published a recording yesterday threatening the Saudi embassy and its employees with an act of terrorism, had previously participated in the opposition meeting in the Arabian Peninsula organized by Hezbollah.”

According to Al-Sabaa, Ali Hashem had stated to the media that day that “the aim of the conference was to bring down the Saudi regime.”

“This requires swift action by the security services,” Al-Sabaa urged.

The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, tweeted commenting on Hashem’s statement, writing: “Terrorism is the product of extremism, its roots, and its seeds begin with a frustrated mind…”

According to Amnesty International, Ali Hashem is a former businessman and activist currently living in Lebanon after fleeing Saudi Arabia in 2016 for fear of being prosecuted for his political views, and he has not seen his children for four years.

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