Saudi Ambassador Called On The Lebanese Authorities To Arrest And Extradite Saudi Activist Ali Hashem


The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, considered that “the Saudi efforts aim to confront everything that threatens the security and stability of Lebanon, and we note the seriousness of the calls emanating from Lebanon against Saudi Arabia, which contradict international norms and laws.”

During a press conference with the Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi, Al-Bukhari addressed “the Lebanese government to translate the statements into tangible things, in order to prevent hostile and inciting political activities that threaten the security of the region and threaten the Saudi national security.”

He called on the Lebanese security authorities to act against what was published by the Saudi opposition activist Ali Hashem, calling for “his arrest and his extradition to Saudi Arabia because he is wanted [by the law].”

He indicated that he “submitted a letter to the government to complete the procedures in this regard.”

Al-Mawlawi stated, after meeting Al-Bukhari, that “the credit for Saudi Arabia was not limited to a particular sect, and Lebanon must translate all the policies it has committed to into actions, not just policies.”

He stressed, “The Gulf Cooperation Council countries are always on the side of Lebanon, and, as long as Saudi Arabia is fine, Lebanon is fine, and we are keen on the safety of Arab societies within the framework of a unified vision for common Arab security.”

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