Saudi Arabia Just Seized Over 14 Million Captagon Pills Coming Through Lebanon

Saudi Press Agency

In its latest drug bust coming from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia has seized a massive amount of 14.4 million Captagon pills in the port of Jeddah.

Lebanon’s caretaker Interior Minister, Mohammed Fahmi, celebrated the bust. Fami stated the bust was a joint effort between Saudi authorities and the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, which have increased efforts to foil drug smuggling attempts.

He explained that the shipment came from the Latakia port in Syria and managed to pass through Beirut’s port with forged Greek papers, according to NNA.

The amphetamine pills were found hidden in a shipment of iron sheets.

This is even larger than the bust Saudi authorities made in April when they found 5.3 million Captagon pills hidden in pomegranates. It resulted in a ban on fruit and vegetable shipments from Lebanon to KSA.

In the last year alone, Saudi Arabia has seized upwards of $1.1 billion worth of drugs from Lebanon.

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