Saudi Arabia Might Ban All Imports From Lebanon Next Month

Saudi Arabia Might Ban All Imports From Lebanon Next Month
Anadolu Agency | IDAL

Saudi Arabia might be planning to ban all imports from Lebanon soon, according to the Lebanese Embassy in Riyadh.

In a letter addressed to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry on June 2nd, the Lebanese Embassy revealed that it had received information indicating that exporters and customs brokers in Saudi Arabia had been asked to sign a pledge not to import products and goods from Lebanon starting from the second half of June 2021.

In the same context, the Embassy said that it had been informed by some Lebanese exporters that the option to select the Lebanese certificate of origin, which would usually be available when making a bank payment, had disappeared from the Saudi customs system.

Without this feature, it is not possible to import products from Lebanon.

The Lebanese Embassy said that in light of the above, it has sent the Saudi Foreign Ministry a letter enquiring about the validity of this information and to confirm whether Saudi authorities plan to take any new measures in regards to Lebanese imports.

This news comes over a month after Saudi Arabia banned the import of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon, in response to the repeated drug-smuggling operations targeting the Kingdom from Lebanese territory.

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