Saudi Arabia Blames Hezbollah For Beirut Blast, Is Calling For Them To Be Disarmed

REUTERS/Ali Hashisho | Reuters

In his address during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz made some statements that can be regarded as very controversial.

He “called for a comprehensive solution on Iran and disarming its affiliate Hezbollah in Lebanon,” reported Reuters.

On Iran, King Salman said it was the root of “chaos, extremism, and sectarianism” in the region and stressed that a “comprehensive solution” was needed.

King Salman also accused Iran-backed Hezbollah of instability in Lebanon’s politics. He said the deadly Beirut blast “occurred as a result of the hegemony of Hezbollah … over the decision-making process in Lebanon by force of arms.”

“This terrorist organization must be disarmed,” he said in a video statement to the 193-member General Assembly.

His calls echoed the demands of the Lebanese Revolution as well as the U.S. and several European countries.

During the same 75th UN session, president Aoun asked the world to help with the return of over 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon to their home country.